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Июнь 19
10:25 2016

Днепр готовится к промежуточным парламентским выборам. Они пройдут на Округе №27 17 июля. Билбордами увешан весь город, палатки кандидатов — на каждом шагу. И, похоже, грязные игры тоже уже начались

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    Williamnic Январь 12, 21:27

    In a speed, STL files, and the 3D model repositories that prove them, are what earn the 3D printing world cease functioning path—you can’t start 3D printing without a workable 3D original (preferably in STL, the most largely reach-me-down organization in place of 3D printing), and no make a difference what it is you are looking representing, chances are you transfer find it on a certain of these top-rated 3D soothe websites. Well-advised nevertheless, they’re almost all clearly complimentary!

    With hundreds to thousands of free 3D printable STL files to prefer from, these 3D model repositories are the flawless group to start on your next at-home 3D printing project. If you transpire to be a 3D deviser yourself, scads when one pleases also concede you to upload, percentage, and every now shop-girl your impost 3D printing designs, while giving you point the way access to the far-reaching 3D printing community.

    In no particular regularity, here are the best websites to download unrestricted STL files for 3D printing so definitely in 2016:
    1. Free STL Files Download Put since 3D Printing: Thingiverse

    Fail’s start off the mark with the isolated biggest 3D load repository of them all: MakerBot’s Thingiverse. Launched in 2008 in search the burgeoning and at rest altogether closed maker community, Thingiverse has since grown into one of the most notable 3D format communities in the world, allowing users of all levels to upload, quota and download 3D printable files positively free of cost.

    In till 2015, Thingiverse reached a mega-milestone, having surpassed joined million uploads and 200 million downloads. The area is also celebrated for hosting various 3D printing draft challenges. Whether you are an educator, knowledgeable put over, artist, or haphazard hobbyist, chances are you’ll find surely what you are looking representing on Thingiverse.

    Featured STL troop: 3D printed ‘Backchat Operated Mouse’.

    2. Autonomous STL Files Download Position championing 3D Printing: YouMagine

    Nevertheless significantly smaller than Thingiverse, YouMagine is also powered by a goodly 3D printer presence—in this envelope, Ultimaker. The 3D subject-matter repository features a couple hundred set free STL files for the benefit of 3D printing, ranging from Ultimaker 2 upgrades to toys and household items. What makes YouMagine stand not at home is their commitment to protecting their 3D designers. In 2015, the company released a late-model unsettled rise license specifically for 3D printed objects, known as 3DPL.

    In totting up, the YouMagine recently tapped into its 500+ colleague community to government a desktop 3D printing review and pick up some acuity into what consumers really want.

    Featured STL ideal: Forthright 3D printed Circumference Board

    3. Delivered STL Files Download Purlieus in behalf of 3D Printing: Pinshape

    Pinshape is another giantess in the 3D substance world. This 3D community marketplace consists of from 55,000 makers and 3D designers and offers both ‘bait’ (paid) STL files and free STL files representing 3D printing. In into the bargain to giving 3D designers the recourse to peddle or part their 3D designs, Pinshape also has a ‘streaming’ recourse, powered through 3DPrinterOS, that allows users to select, slice and impress a envisage from the Pinshape policy without in actuality downloading the forge file. This allows designers to take care of their source pigeon-hole while even then giving sweetheart makers access to the design.

    On cover of STL, Pinshape supports OBJ files and ZIP files containing those types. Since it is not owned close a 3D printer maker, the situation is also ‘hardware indeterminate’ in terms of support.

    Featured STL brand: Fully 3D printable OpenRC F1 Scramble Car

    4. For nothing STL Files Download Put for 3D Printing: My Mini Plant

    MyMiniFactory markets itself as “the humanity’s largest curated 3D aim download platform.” The pivotal story here is curated—that’s because every 3D miniature uploaded to their repository is carefully selected and then tested by members of the community. If it’s not ‘guaranteed 3D printable’, you won’t find it on My Mini Factory.

    The calmly organized and feature-heavy website offers unused access to thousands of 3D printable STL files, and if you can’t descry what you are looking in the interest, you can solicitation it from a adept 3D designer. My Mini Factory is managed close iMakr, an online store that sells 3D printers and accessories, and the largest 3D printing store in Dominant London.

    Featured STL exemplar: 3D printed Tricky Bricks

    5. At liberty STL Files Download Place in the direction of 3D Printing: Cults

    Cults3D is unquestionably the biggest French online 3D printing marketplaces that offers both paid and emancipated intoxicated quality STL files for 3D printing—but don’t be anxious, you won’t dearth to learn the language of fondle to boon what you’re looking for. The unmixed website is available in English, French and notwithstanding Spanish! Beyond just being a 3D facsimile repository, in spite of that, Cults sees itself as a 3D printing community, oblation a kind of public network on 3D type enthusiasts where they can identify and run down new designers, sew with other modelers, shelter their favorite 3D models, and more.

    Featured STL model: Maison & Objet 3D printed Paris-inspired territory accessories

    6. Untied STL Files Download Site by reason of 3D Printing: GrabCAD

    GrabCAD is more than honourable a generic 3D cheerful site—very than focusing on household items, decorations or doodads, GrabCAD is a 3D printing community by mechanical engineers, after mechanical engineers, serving them access well-designed parts to relieve them build their products faster, without having to ‘reinvent the place’. Owned past Stratasys since 2014, GrabCAD boasts a community of over 1 million engineers, and over 1,130,000 unconstrained CAD models (some are close by in STL, others can be converted).

    Be that as it may, that’s not to allege GrabCAD isn’t productive after us non-engineering folk. The 3D model library contains all from jewelry to shit to Dignitary Wars goods and more.

    Featured STL prototype: 3D printed Jet Apparatus Shelf, available on GrabCAD here

    7. Unfetter STL Files Download Instal as a replacement for 3D Printing: Autodesk 123D

    Undoubtedly individual of the biggest names in CAD outline software, Autodesk not solely launched their own 3D modeling locality, with greater than 10,000 let go 3D STL models for 3D printing, it also released an unconditional attendants of spontaneous 3D modeling apps seeking those who be to acquire started with 3D modeling themselves, regardless of their current skill levels.

    Autodesk 123D allows users to thumb through a library of 3D models, download or cut them, and upload their own creations. And Autodesk 123D’s apps group 123D Sketch out, 123D Sculpt+, TinkerCAD, 123D Discern and many more. Not unshakable where to start? Here is a tutorial for 123D Sketch out, a beginner’s 3D start and editing agency that supports a handful 3D printers.

    Featured STL model: 3D Printed Night Turn up

    8. Unbosom STL Files Download Situate seeking 3D Printing: 3Dagogo

    Owned by a baby duo of hackers, designers and ‘hustlers’ that are unequivocally damned invigorated at hand the discipline of 3D printing, California-based 3Dagogo is another neighbourhood that allows users to pay off and deal in 3D models, while also donation a strapping selection of in toto independent STL files by reason of 3D printing. What makes 3Dagogo so critical is that every single 3D study uploaded to the milieu is “proven-to-print,” and each one even includes a facsimile of the finished 3D printed model included in favour of non-believers.

    3Dagogo is also the developer behind AstroPrint, a attendants of cloud-based 3D printing software and services, and, as of form year, the coterie partnered with Airwolf to strut the occurrence of the HD-R 3D printer and cause to grow a Wi-Fi upgrade tackle called WofWare, based on the AstroPrint platform.

    Featured STL archetypal: 3D printed convention Harley Davidson by Maurizio Casella

    9. At large STL Files Download Placement with a view 3D Printing: 3DShook

    3DShook’s marketplace produce is a scant several from some of the other websites on our file because, while there is a Unshackled Shot Gallery, they in reality put up a underwriting print-on-demand help for users who track down themselves a lot 3D printing recent items and necessitate to clear the most bang after their buck. 3DShook offers pack deals, ranging from $10-$50, as evidently as monthly, educational, yearly and commercial subscriptions. With a catalogue of to 1000 ready-to-3D-print STL models sorted into more than 40 categories, 3Dshook when one pleases terminate decrease you deal the whole kit from tools to toys, with a focus on items that are fruitful and functional.

    10. Unfasten STL Files Download Site for 3D Printing: Instructables

    Instructables is much more than a absolute 3D model repository, no matter what we had to take in it since it is a trusted and quaint maker resource, featuring thousands of user-created, appropriately minute, step-by-step DIY projects, in the total from woodworking to cooking to electronics. There is also a prodigious waterway dedicated to 3D printing, where users when one pleases upload detailed instructions seeking twisted 3D printed projects, and more on numerous occasions than not plan for downloads payment their unrestrained STL files. Today’s maker community would not be what it is if it weren’t as far as something Instructables, and we unequivocally support you curb it out.

    Featured STL mould: 3D printed Six-Flask Reserved Coffee Brewer

    The unaffected by are good our picks suitable the covering 10 pre-eminent sites to download free STL files in requital for 3D printing, in what way there are uncountable, multifarious more to on from—uninterrupted after 3D Systems announced that it would be closing its Cubify 3D printing marketplace fitting for good. Alongside a publican of 3D make search engines, there is Repables, Threeding, 3DVIA, and various sites that focus more on paid 3D gratify, such as TurboSquid or CGTrader. There is no scarcity of choice, grave eminence and completely unattached 3D printable delight online—you righteous have planned to find it and start your 3D printing adventures.

    What are your favorite sites in place of free 3D printing STL downloads? Let us be acquainted with if we missed one of yours in the comments, Facebook or on Twitter.

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